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Work At HomeWork at Home. That’s the dream of most people at one time or another. For most, traditional Internet Marketing is NOT the answer. A much better idea is to manage your own local Community Website. If you’re interested and capable I’ll show you how to do that with my Community Website Course. The cost is $47. It is complete and no upsells. This is not a get rich quick business model offer. It’s a make a profit business model if you apply yourself.


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Main Points of this page:

  • Short history of WorkAtHomeGC.com
  • Why traditional Internet Marketing is not a real job…
  • How Traditional Internet Marketing Works
  • What you need to know before you build your first marketing website…
  • What is Panda and Penguin and why did it kill traditional IM?
  • Why folks still pursue traditional IM
  • Why Google continues to make money
  • Work at Home is NOT a dirty phrase
  • Focus of Work At Home

First, a tad of history about this Work At Home website:

My original goal for WorkAtHomeGC.com was to mentor beginning Internet Marketing students. My credentials are that I have been computing since 1985, made my first global site in 1998, and have worked very hard for the last several years to understand the workings of Internet Marketing. My personal community website has been operating successfully since 2002.

In the last couple of years I have been drawing down my own plethora of websites, and have for the most part decided that my first major foray into IM was the correct one, and that is  my local marketing Community Website. Let me tell you why… (Hint: It’s just one site…not many like you may have now. It makes more money more quickly than traditional Internet marketing just by advertising your local businesses.)

Why traditional Internet Marketing is not a real job…

For most of us, and let me emphasize, most, IM will never be a work-at-home job. It may well be a very challenging and rewarding work at home hobby, but not a job. The reason is simple. It doesn’t pay much.

The dirty little secret that you will never ever hear from the 50,000 get rich quick offers out there is that they simply don’t work. Even the well meaning ones, and I’m sure there are some, won’t work for most of us.

What full bore IM is, is a LOT of work that will bring you only limited monetary rewards. For many it is as alluring as gold to gold miners. It’s a hell of a lot of fun, but you can’t make a living with it. Even if you do come up with something that works today, chances are good that it won’t work tomorrow.

Of course, there are many who claim to be doing well with traditional IM. After fifteen years in the trenches I’m darned if I know how they do it.

The moral to this section is…IM is a fun hobby, but certainly nothing to hang your bank account on. Forget it, and you’ll live better. (A website that makes little to no dough each month is not money in the bank. Remember that. It is just another big idea failed website project.)

How Traditional Internet Marketing Works

There are many ways to make money, or attempt to make money on the Internet. Two of the most popular are Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

Adsense works like this: You create a website around a product. For instance, “cat socks.” If you do it up right, your website will take weeks to complete. Sprinkled through it are Google Adsense banners. When someone clicks on the banner, you make a little change. Probably a few cents.

The other popular marketing method is affiliate marketing. Instead, or sometimes with your Adsense banners, you place affiliate banners that lead the clicker to a cat socks company that you have affiliated with. When the clickee purchases something from the company, you make some change.

The problems with this mode of money making are many. First, your website must be on the first page of Google, and even better near the top of the listings to do any good at all. Then, how many folks are looking for cat socks in the first place? How much traffic can you expect? And when folks visit, are they really looking to buy kitty mittens, or are they just looking up information for a school project?

What you need to know before you build your first marketing website…

Before you build your world beating marketing site you need to know how to build a site. You also need to understand graphics, a bit of Internet law, principles of IM research to identify workable products and keywords and such, and a slew of other things. It takes months and years to catch up to your competition. Call it a four year self taught college degree on IM. In the end, it’s not get rich quick, and most likely not even get rich slow either. But, looked on as a hobby, it can be fun.

What is Panda and Penguin and why did it kill traditional IM?

That Google Panda and Penguin has existed for the last couple of years is fact. What follows is my gut speculation.

What is known for certain is that Google instituted major changes to the way they rank websites in the form of what they called the Panda and Penguin updates. This caused wholesale confusion in IM circles. Everything was turned upside down. For instance, a site that was on page one of Google might find itself shoved back a couple of pages or even banished.

Remember, the success of your work depends on how well Google likes it, and how high it places it in search results. So, when you build your IM site, if it does not place well up on the first page of Google, you won’t make a dime for your work. Sad but true.

Previous to Panda, there were certain page building and promotion methods that would all but guarantee Google success. Post Panda, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was in shreds.

You see, much of the fun, after building a website, was getting it to rank more highly than the competition. At least I got a big kick out of doing that. All things being equal, you could outrank the other guy by having a better site and better SEO. Of course, there was a college degree worth of other things involved in SEO too. Many times it came down to who did their SEO homework better, you or the other guy.

Then Panda. Everything was turned upside down, and inside out. SEO that had helped now might be killing the site. It was a cruel thing that Google did to Internet Marketers…all in the name of making everything more fair. Give me a break!

What I and others who have been around awhile believe is that Google jumbled up their organic search engine listings to drive web business to Adwords…the back end of Adsense. I hope you can make sense of what I just said.

Cut short, in my opinion, Panda and Penguin is simply a cut throat marketing move by Google to make more money. And that’s fine, even though it did doom traditional IM.

Why folks still pursue traditional IM

Thousands of people each year still work IM because it still works, sort of. Let me explain. Before Panda an experienced IM’er, using his noggin could build a good affiliate or Adsense site, and jigger it to page one of Google at will. Post Panda, getting a top spot on Google is a crap shoot, but it does happen. It might happen. This is the difference between might and shall. The chase is still the chase. It’s all good fun, but nothing to build a career on. Thanks Google!

Even before Panda, many factors had to go into a world winning website, none of it luck. (Luck plays much more of a factor these days.)

The IM idea is this… Build a site that makes a few bucks a month, and then build another. If you build enough successful sites, you might eventually earn that fancy car and home with a swimming pool.

The dirty little secret is that the IM folks who always earned the most was the folks who were developing and presenting ways to the rest of us on how to go about building a better website…not the website builders.

Why Google continues to make money

Google is always going to make money. Their algorithm says so. Before Panda you had twelve cat socks websites, and of that, the top three Google ranked making the lion’s share of the Adsense money. Each month, out of 100 clicks, the top three were sharing 80. Post Panda, it’s more like all twelve sites share eight apiece.

From the site owner’s perspective, they get screwed. Google, however, still gets 100 clicks. Sometimes life isn’t fair.

So, assuming you are identifying with any of this, how to stay in IM and make money? I’m coming to that.

Work at Home is NOT a dirty phrase

Did you notice the graphic at the top of the page? It is taken from the ftc.gov site. Federal Trade Commission. It’s a To Do list before you take up a work at home offer and it is very good as far as it goes.

However, in their zeal, the FTC has managed to make the phrase work at home synonymous with scam. Nowhere on their work at home page could I find any good words from the millions of folks who do some sort of good work from their homes to include making bird houses and cutting lawns during the summer. This really ticks me.

Working from home is an American tradition. Some do it by choice. These days, in this rotten man made disaster of a train wreck economy many do it because they have no other choice. And while most work at home folks don’t make a living, at least they make enough to keep them off food stamps.

Unfortunately, a small knot of scammers also work from home. It’s a shame, but it’s only been going on since Adam. There will always be enough self made victims to keep the bad guys in business. It’s the way of the world. Biblical and historical. No amount of FTC advice will keep the dumb people from handing their money over to the scammers. I’m sorry. Fools will be parted from their money.

So, while I’m thankful that the ftc.gov tries to protect the poor dumb civilians from scammers, I just wish they would say a few kind words for the 99% of legit work from home folks, because working from home is also synonymous with working for yourself and that’s a GOOD thing!

Focus of Work At Home

Simply put, for most, Internet Marketing will never be anything more than a hobby, if measured by income. Therefore, although I enjoy it myself, and love to teach it, I can find no longer find a good reason to teach you traditional IM with any expectation of major success. The ROI just isn’t there any longer, post Panda.

However… There is still a way to make better than average money with IM and that’s with a Community Website.

I spent about a month putting together the course offered below. I put all of my experience into it for you. My experience added up to 14 years with my community website. 15 this year. If you’re capable and able to put my advice to use you can do marvelous things with it. My course is made for you to use…not just for me to sell. As stated above in bold print, the course is complete. I left out not one thing for later. With this course you get all of my experience and advice about creating your own unique community website.

Practically speaking, this course is not for the beginner. That is, if you don’t know the first thing about IM, then you’ll need to learn at least the basics before this course will do you any good. I, for one, can teach you the basics, but I have to tell you that unless your one definite goal is to put it to use with a local community website, then we’re both wasting our time and your money.

The ideal candidate for my course is you if you have some website and web marketing experience behind you. That being the case, you will already know that traditional web marketing isn’t what it used to be.

Two reasons a local community website works. First, Google still rewards local searches. Second….well, you’ll need to visit the page below and read up on it. Tons of information to help you make up your mind if my community website tutorial is right for you.

It’s past time to work on your second job. IM is a trade as surely as plumbing and carpentry. It doesn’t pay as well, but it’s available to anyone with a computer and a brain. It’s a rewarding hobby. It’s fun! It’s a good thing to have in your back pocket as a fall back when your primary work goes poof. Well, that is, if it’s interesting to you.

I urge you to PLEASE have a secondary source of income, whether it’s IM, building bird houses, or cutting the grass of your neighbors. If my local community website model sounds like something you’d like to work on, I can only promise that what I offer will put some extra money into your pocket if you work for it. It’s a GREAT and REWARDING thing, IF you’re interested, capable, and able. Only you can answer this caveat.

If it sounds like fun, go for it. Develop your second work at home career, whatever it is. Working and studying for it will give you pleasantness and peace of mind.

Working at home is NOT a dirty phrase. It’s the American way. The key is WORK. Nobody ever got anything for nothing. Nobody. So, whatever you choose, work hard at it, and have all the fun doing it, because it’s the one choice that’s all yours!

Should you choose my course, I’ll be happy to help with your questions. If you need more help, then on a consultant basis. Regardless, my best wishes for your work at home project!


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Work At Home Testimonial

"What can I say about Norman, He's the best at what he does.

I have seen many video's and read a lot about getting started in Affiliated Marketing but hands down Norman's approach to teaching the subject is the best. Since I'm just starting in affiliate marketing, I was looking for someone to really explain all the nuances of this process.

Well I found the right guy, Norman gave me a thorough explanation of all processes that that go into getting started in this business. And then he broke down each process and explained them to me.

Just by the way he taught me about affiliate marketing, I knew that he had an enormous passion for teaching the subject. His vast experience in affiliate marketing is very beneficial to anyone looking to get started in this business."
- Ruben S

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