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About Work at Home

About Work at Home

About Work at Home is the answer to many folks, either as a primary or secondary income source. My job number one is to teach you the methods you need to achieve Work at Home success!

I’d like to tell you something about my Work at Home business and how it came about.

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I have been computing since 1985, and first found my way onto the Internet in 1995. I had built my first website, which I did on my week long vacation in 1996.

Prior to my first Work at Home website, I had been using Commodore computers for pleasure. Armed with a C-128 and two floppy drives I tossed up my first BBS in 1986. The local computer bulletin boards were the precursor to the Internet.

Even though all computer BBS’s were local, we had the ability to hook them up using phone modems to send messages around the world. At this time nobody was advertising or using their computers for online Work at Home business. More, there were no computer scams, con jobs, or jobs of any kind, really, on the BBS systems.

The very first thing I did when I got my first computer clone machine was to hook it up to the Internet, and the second was to look for some computer pen pals. Work at Home business wasn’t even a twinkle in my brain at the time.

I made two friends very quickly. The first was some guy named Flavia. Being well up on old biblical movies, I knew well that the pronunciation of Flavia was Flay-vee-ah. Like Flay-vee-us Maximus. That was easy. Flavia, as it turned out lived in Brazil. Again, Work at Home was not even a thought.

I was, I’m ashamed to say, feeling quite superior, since I was living in a very highly civilized culture corresponding with someone who obviously was born in a jungle hut. On the other hand, I was impressed at how far this Flavia person had come. Obviously he had been somewhat successful in life, now having access to a computer! It never occurred to me that this was a Work at Home type. How he had money enough to afford a computer, much less one in a jungle hut was a mystery to me for awhile.

Several messages were passed back and forth before my world balloon view was burst wide open.

As it turned out, Flavia did not work-at-home. SHE worked at a hospital. Even better, her husband was a wheel at THE telephone company. Even more serious, HER father was a big time retired government muckity-muck with his own radio show.

To compound the demise of my superior attitude, while I had not been much further than Pell City in my ramblings, Flavia (Flah-vee-ah) was a world traveler and had already seen far more of the U.S. than I ever would. In short, she didn’t need to know anything about Work at Home because she was virtually rolling in money.

Time passes and still Work at Home is not on my employment or business radar.

You see, I have worked two jobs for most of my career. At that time I was working at my dream job as a commercial producer and director at a TV station. I was also an electrician. Any spare time I had went to volunteer stuff, church, and best of all my precious computer. I didn’t have time to Work at Home or search the business employment listings, because I was always working away from home. I even managed to spend some time with my family. You’ll learn more about my attitude on family these days, after a major attitude adjustment on my Sign Up for Work at Home page.

Work at Home opportunity lands in my lap.

One day Flavia writes and says that her town in Brazil is very nice. She suggests that if I know anyone who likes to travel (Which I didn’t) to tell them to try her town.

I told her that if I ran across anyone wanting to visit Brazil, I’d pass along the information.

Time passes. The Work at Home bulb begins to glow.

I will never know which one of us came up with the idea to make money from work-at-home, but over time, we began to discuss starting up a travel company to send people to see her nice city. I think she was pretty bored with her day job, and I was down to one job, so the timing was good. Also, by this time I was seeing the writing on the wall about my beloved TV company job. The market had changed drastically and I could see the end coming.

About this time in my personal Work at Home saga, her husband was down sized. Totally uninterested and uninvolved, he suddenly became interested in starting his own tourist enterprise. It all began from our work-at-home conversations.

My first real Work at Home website…

The agreement was that they would take care of the tourists that I would send to them along with my website listings. Heck, the whole thing was a joke. All Flavia knew about the travel biz was that she had traveled. I knew far less. I also didn’t know much about building for real business websites either. But there we were, two companies on two continents doing everything by email and using blazing speed phone modems.

My work-at-home product was delivered by the website I eventually constructed. I built it right after my first trip to Brazil. I also gave employment to a local ad agency in the form of taking their camera guy with me. We shot a heck of a great video for our company while we were down.

The plan was to give the video away to travel companies here in the U.S. We found out fairly quickly that this was a waste of time. At the time in 1998, which wasn’t too long after the invention of computer video, there wasn’t any good way to run the darn thing online. Eventually, I did manage to get it online, but you would laugh if I told you all the hoops I had to jump through to manage it.

Work at Home means research… The last thing you want to get yourself into is work-at-home scams.

One thing that my first Work at Home business venture taught me was that a quality website is the end product of good research.

Because of my Work at Home research proclivities I was able to build a pretty darn good little website. I even learned the travel biz, all on my own.

However, the goal of my 60 hours a week Work at Home job was to earn money with my travel listings. In point of fact, I also learned another important thing. My best advice for Work at Home folks is to choose your partners carefully (or not at all!). I didn’t earn anything, but they did!

Good Work at Home advice… Diversify

We fell out early after the turn of the century. Jobs were non-existent to slim and I was out of the travel business and they went on to have a million dollar tourist agency. Oh, the parting of the ways was all very legitimate and proper. It only took me years to fully recover. Ouch. That hurt.

The advice I learned the hard way for the Work at Home entrepreneur is to have more than one big old goose egg in the basket! I also learned that making money with Internet Marketing could be done.

Work at Home time passes and I diversify

The first mission after the fall of Latin America for me in my quest for Work at Home jobs sake was to come up with a new gig. The first thing I did, post dud, was to build my next big website in 2002, which I dedicated to local offline sales. Today it still exists as my flagship.

Did you notice that the domain name for my website here is “workathomeGC?” The GC stands in for GetCalhoun.com, my flagship Work at Home businesses mega site.

Time passes and I have lots of domains

I counted 52 domains this morning which represents something over forty working Work at Home websites. Each subsequent website is better than its predecessor, I can assure you. I never stop learning and tweaking my work.

Who Works at Home? Now that you are done with all this history stuff, tell us about Work at Home, Norm!

Right you are. I am Norm. Let’s talk about the kind of work from home job that I train folks for.

Work from home jobs come in many flavors. Some people build model railroads in their back yard and sell train rides. Me? I build websites to operate for a profit.

Some folks build a Work at Home scam. You pay the man for the pretty Work at Home jar, take it home, shake it, see the pretty innards rattling around, and you get all excited until you remove the top and find that the product is rancid. This is a world that I can never enter or understand. Work at Home scams never last and no amount of income is worth the worry or deleterious psychological effects.

The folks I work with have morals, scruples, and are generally nice people. They operate from the premise that a legitimate work from home business is the only kind they will build and own. Fortunately they know a con when they see one and they also know the real deal when it rolls across their computer screen.

The people I work with are looking to find Work at Home jobs, because it’s something they want to do or have to do because of age, disability, this rotten economy, maturity, immaturity, being bored, wanting to make their mark in the world, tired of being bossed around, seeking a challenge, second avocation, mental challenge. The reasons for seeking out Work at Home opportunities are legion.

Some enterprising and successful Internet marketers Work at Home to put food their table. How novel! When I teach someone how to Work at Home, it puts food on MY table.

What makes your About Work at Home Internet Marketing right for me ?

I expect that if you are someone looking for home job listings for carpenter, fireman, roofer, plumber,belly dancer, or boilermaker then you wouldn’t be here reading this long page in the first place. Therefore you must be thinking about Internet Marketing and earning work-at-home income from the Internet. You didn’t just blunder in here during your job search. I know that much.

You might be looking for that second Work at Home job, or you might be wanting a way to make money using your noggin for a change. You like the idea of working at home. Better than that you are seeking a legitimate Work at Home opportunity from legitimate Work at Home companies. Specifically you are looking for a way of putting food on your table by the sweat of your Internet marketing labors.

You might be a Work at Home mom, job searching for something you can do at home to pad out the bank account while juggling screaming babies. You’re job searching this site for the opportunity to make a difference.

Do you have any Work at Home jobs?

No. I’m not hiring. I’m training. I’m training you to have a Work at Home job all your own.

I teach normal people of normal brain power Work at Home Internet marketing on this site. That is what this site is about. Here are work-at-home moms, former tire builders, retired nuclear plant workers, former rocket scientists, teachers, part time employed folks, folks struggling, bored folks, sad folks, happy folks, and formerly happily employed TV directors.

The one thing they ALL have in common is that they seek the opportunity to not only survive but thrive using their own initiative, wits, and wisdom. I don’t have Work at Home jobs, I help you make your very own Work at Home job!

Now you know a bit more About Work at Home and your legitimate Work at Home opportunity. Now tell me something about yourself!

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"What can I say about Norman, He's the best at what he does.

I have seen many video's and read a lot about getting started in Affiliated Marketing but hands down Norman's approach to teaching the subject is the best. Since I'm just starting in affiliate marketing, I was looking for someone to really explain all the nuances of this process.

Well I found the right guy, Norman gave me a thorough explanation of all processes that that go into getting started in this business. And then he broke down each process and explained them to me.

Just by the way he taught me about affiliate marketing, I knew that he had an enormous passion for teaching the subject. His vast experience in affiliate marketing is very beneficial to anyone looking to get started in this business."
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