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Outsourcing Articles to Norm with Work at Home

This is Norman Morrison with Work at Home and this article concerns my article outsourcing services.

Recently I wrote an article for the EZSEO website regarding outsourcing articles and why it’s a good idea for some people. Perhaps you found your way here from there.

In the article I explained that for some, writing articles is such a chore, either because they don’t have time or a knack for it that the best solution is to hire an article writer for the job.

I also mentioned the fact that there are writers, and then there are writers. Ergo, good writers and not so good writers.

Good article writing is more than just the delivery of words…

In today’s web world, not only must the writer be able to deliver a good, interesting, and highly readable article, but the article also must be written to entice search engines to index it. This means that the writer must also understand search engine optimization and understand it very well.

Not only do I produce good quality outsourced articles, but they are also highly delectable and tasty to the search engines.

The way I go about this is important for you to understand when deciding if you would like to hire me as your writer.

Basically put, if you can explain what you need to me, then I can explain it to your audience. How is this accomplished?


For the best result, I need an explanation of what the article is for and who your audience is. It matters whether your article is for your website or for the purposes of article marketing to promote your website from elsewhere.

I need at least one main key phrase to build on. A list of key phrases would be better, but lacking that, I will supply the rest myself.

Remember that good information in yields good information out.

I need the length you wish the article to be. 400 words is the minimum. 1000 words is optimum. The current thinking on the web by people who know is that longer articles perform better than shorter ones.

I require the payment in advance, and I don’t offer refunds for obvious reasons. However, I will provide one rewrite of portions of the article if you think it necessary.

The rate is a reasonable $9 per 100 words. Can you find writers who charge less for service? Surely you can. But consider that I am an onshore writer as opposed to an offshore writer. I am well versed in the English language, and my top priority is to deliver a product geared to help you succeed.

My clients mean more to me than the next payment. I produce quality work, well search engine optimized for the purpose. More, because you are here on this website, you know ALL about me. You KNOW who you are dealing with. Trust is an important thing to me as I am sure it is to you.

HOW TO PAY? My preferred method of payment is PayPal. I will give you the details once we communicate. It’s a very easy way to pay and you do not have to be a member. I will bill you through PayPal. Once the money is received, the article work begins, and shortly, you will have the finished product delivered to you. Couldn’t be easier!


Spinning Your Article

(Please note that I NO LONGER spin articles. I believe that this method is now outdated after Penguin and Panda. Your best bet was always first class unique articles, but now with increased scrutiny from Google, it’s really the ONLY way to go.)

If you are new to this article outsourcing stuff, let me take a moment to explain article spinning. It’s a service I also offer.

Article spinning is the process where you take one article and turn it into many different versions using spinning software. I use the best in the spinning software in the business called The Best Spinner. And, it really is the best. It could also be called The Most Expensive Spinner, as well.

For your own website, you want only unique content and one version only. There is an exception to this hard and fast rule that I will explain, but do not advise you use it unless you are a gambler. Even with the best spun content, you are liable to likely to get caught sooner or later and penalized by Google. If not by their algorithm, then by a human reviewer. This being the case, why would you want to take the risk? Because you are you might be a gambler. It might work, and it serves a purpose.

Suppose you want to create an authority site about egg crates. Well, there is only so much you can say about an egg crate. But then suppose you want to market said crate to the top egg crate destinations around the United States?

After doing your research, you determine the top 25 locations for users of egg crates, cities or states and set about to build pages for each location. Unique content is pretty much out of the question, so you decide to use spun content. You take your spun content, add some unique content to it, along with the name of the location in there several times, and poof, you have a quick page, targeted to the location. This is an example of using spun content to create a highly targeted set of pages.

Other than this risky venture, you always want to use unique content for each page. It’s getting harder every day to get past the all seeing G!

Spun content is best utilized for article marketing. You take one article and turn it into many. It is a truly dull and laborious process in the extreme, and costly as well, when you add in the software necessary to accomplish the mission.

Personally, I make the best use of my spun content with AMR, or Article Marketing Robot. It’s not as good as it used to be, but it is a one time cost and serves my purposes. There are a great many places around the net that you can put your spun content to use. It’s not the purpose of this article to go into that, but there is a lot of information on the net for you and places to go.

That said, should you desire spun content, I will spin it for you. I do it ALL, every bit, manually. No auto spins. No farmed out content. That way I know it is done right!

First, I will write your article and have you proof it. Then I will spin it.

There are two basic ways of spinning… The regular way and the multi-level spinning way.

Using the regular method I will manually go in and add a lot of different versions of a lot of different words in the article.

Using the multi-level spin method means that I will basically rewrite your article three times, and then add the different word versions to it just as in the regular way. Obviously, this is much more labor intensive and will produce a much more unique set of spun articles.

Either way it is done, you will wind up with approximately the same length or slightly longer article as I started with in as many versions as you like.

You will receive the original article and the raw spun article. You’ll also receive a set of post spun articles, if you want them.

The only thing to be aware of with the raw multi-spun article is that you need to make sure that wherever you place it accepts the multi-level spun article format. Some places don’t. Once an article has been multi-spun, it can’t be undone, so make sure you’re good to go before you purchase.

The spun article price rate is as follows:

Regular spin: $18 per hundred words.

Multi-level spin: $27 per hundred words.

While the multi-level spin is more expensive, in actual practice, it’s the best value for your money, considering the work that goes into it and the unique quality level it achieves.

So, if you are interested in spun content, let me know.


Norm’s Writing Bio:

Norman Morrison is a born writer. His career started when he wrote a prize winning article while he was still in grade school. Later, while still in grade school he started a town newspaper for a summertime project, making a profit from it.

Before graduation from high school, Morrison wrote for the big time local newspaper, and afterwards local weekly shopper newspapers.

After this, when submitting short stories to science fiction magazines didn’t pan out he turned to the Internet in 1995, although he was in on the dawn of computing starting in 1985 with computer bulletin boards all over the nation.

Morrison, like all writers has had a variety of job experience including warehousing, 7 years as a telephone operator, 14 years in production television, insurance sales, and 9 years as an electrician and appliance repairman. Marketing, in all forms has always been a fascination.

Morrison has more than 40 active website and has written literally a small town library of words over his career.

It is my fascination with marketing along with my experience with global internet marketing since 1998, and my understanding of search engine optimization that gives me the edge over other writers. This, along with my natural ability to process information and deliver it in an understandable way to the intended audience gives you the edge with the final product.

I write things people like to read. I weave in search engine optimization that search engines gobble up.

Therefore, please consider me for your next article. When you consider that you have gone to a lot of time and effort to implement your website, the least consideration should be saving money with lame articles.

If your idea is sound and your text is good, then you will be a success. If either are lacking then you will fail. Don’t base your success on sub standard word work or offshore outsourcing.

You don’t have this to worry about when you employ me because I approach the assignment from the viewpoint of your whole project rather than just a disconnected article. This is important!

Contact me right here at workathomegc@workathomegc.com.

Let me know how I can help you achieve your goals with good article marketing.


Work At Home Testimonial

"What can I say about Norman, He's the best at what he does.

I have seen many video's and read a lot about getting started in Affiliated Marketing but hands down Norman's approach to teaching the subject is the best. Since I'm just starting in affiliate marketing, I was looking for someone to really explain all the nuances of this process.

Well I found the right guy, Norman gave me a thorough explanation of all processes that that go into getting started in this business. And then he broke down each process and explained them to me.

Just by the way he taught me about affiliate marketing, I knew that he had an enormous passion for teaching the subject. His vast experience in affiliate marketing is very beneficial to anyone looking to get started in this business."
- Ruben S

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