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Google Plus Plus Review from Work At Home Internet Marketing

Google Plus Plus Review. As an Internet Marketer, have you noticed any changes lately? Thanks to our friend the Google Panda Update, you’d not be much of an Internet Marketer if you didn’t.

I warn you in advance that if you’re not deep into Internet Marketing, then this article about Google Plus Plus is best avoided. However, if you do make money by selling things through your Work at Home Internet Marketing efforts, you should pay close attention.


I would also like to point out that I’m not selling the Internet Marketing Google Plus Plus course that I’m reviewing. I am selling my services as a Work at Home Internet Marketing Tutor. If you were lured here by the topic of this review, and you would like to pursue Internet Marketing, then visit my other pages and contact me about that. You MUST understand how to build a traditional Internet Marketing service using traditional SEO methods before Google Plus Plus will be useful for you.

In the meantime, I have recently finished my study of the Google Plus Plus course by Russell Wright who owns Network Empire. The course was advertised on the Warrior Forum, and sold from there starting in early December 2011. I found out about it from a recommendation from my friend Andy with the EZSEO website in February 2012.

The Google Plus Plus course is NOT for beginners.

Normally I can blow through a training course the like of which you can find hundreds of in a morning or perhaps, if really juicy in a day or two. I will tell you now that if your are serious about the Google Plus Plus course you can not complete it in less than three days, and this is with nothing else on your agenda. Frankly, it has taken me a week to digest it and implement the various things that it calls for. What saved me from more time than this is that I already had a great many bits and pieces laying around.

I have no way of knowing how many copies of the Google Plus Plus course that Wright sold, but however many it was, I doubt that many people followed through. That being the case, I seriously doubt that the teaching of the Google Plus Plus course added much competition to the mix. The reason that I feel this way is that understanding the course well enough to implement it is more work and trouble than most are willing to go to.

The Google Plus Plus course comes with 21 lengthy videos with text documentation giving references and links.

Overall, the full presentation rambles a lot, so I would give it a grade of C for presentation. However, the WHOLE series MUST be watched in its entirety, because Wright is constantly giving hints and tips and insights that you need to understand. It will be up to you to keep notes and put it all together when you finish. My solution, after completing the Google Plus Plus course was to go back through it with my copy of Wordpad taking copious notes.

Let me be clear here. Making notes is most helpful after you have seen the whole presentation. While the course is laid out in a sequential manner, it only comes together after you finish it. This is the time to go back through it, making notes.

The Google Plus Plus System

The Google Plus Plus course has two missions, I think:

  • Explain what Google + is and show the proper methods to join up and put it to the best use.
  • Demonstrate how to use “Content Curation” in conjunction with the Google Plus account.


The Google+ portion of Google Plus Plus…


Left: A SCREENSHOT of the opening video of the Google Plus Plus course.

Did you click on it? Ha! You can’t believe everything you see on the net! Good lesson! But you can believe my video, which sits at the TOP of this article!

Wright contends, with barge loads of proof, that most of us that have dabbled with Google Plus One have been using it all wrong and sets about to show us how to use it correctly.

The meat of the Google Plus Plus course begins after a time by showing how to properly sign up for Google Plus and fill out the profile information properly. From there he shows the importance of Google Circles and how you get people in your circles.

Wright’s most fervent warning is that you always plus Google yourself. You never plus one Google somebody else.

Therefore if you’re one who loves to forward emails or random click on every Facebook or Google 1 in sight, you’re going to have to break the habit or get out of town on a fast horse!

I doubt that Wright told half the story, because there are so many nuances to it, but what details he did provide were priceless and a fairly complete primer on how to sign up and lay out your Google Plus empire for success. His delivery of Google Plus methods were a huge eye opener for me.

Wright’s point, throughout is that Google Plus is the coming way to promote your website. He says that there is NO comparison as to the power and potential of Google Plus compared to that of Facebook. He shows how Google Plus is so much more flexible for social marketing than Facebook. By the time you are finished with the Google Plus Plus course, you will have little doubt that he is correct.

Besides whatever else Google Plus 1 is, it is a fantastic way to build a Work From Home Internet Marketing list, and the list is the thing these days. The power of Google Plus is that while it is in it’s beginning stages now, as time goes by, this model will prove to be far more powerful than Facebook.

Powerful is a good word, but it is not the only word for Google Plus. Google Plus is also invasive, and that is a bad word. Google is working devilishly hard to get its hooks into every phase of your life, but this is the subject for another article. The question for Internet Marketers is, “Do I ignore it, or do I put it to use?”

It is a fact that if you have signed up for any Google services like Gmail, Google is already well into your life. You can passively sit around and let them have free access to your data or you can decide to turn the tables and leverage the power of Google for your own uses. Google Plus Plus is about showing you how to turn those tables. It’s the old battle of pleasing Google while using them taken to a new level.

The secret of Google Plus Plus lies in the knowledge it imparts. Google expects you to use Google Plus like you would use Facebook. A plaything.

Google Plus Plus not only teaches you the Google Plus way, but also how to trick out your website to make full use of Google Plus.

Understanding how Google Plus ticks allows you to use it as a tool, and keeps you from getting sucked into the Google model of play time user. This is the power of the Google Plus Plus course.

Google Plus Plus Content Curation

The second part of the course has to do with what Wright calls content curation.

As Wright points out during the course, content curation is a whole other issue. While Google Plus Plus doesn’t directly upsell, it provides plenty of incentive to check out the other teaching modules and content curation is one that he offers.

Never the less, he does wrap content curation into the Google Plus Plus system, enough so that the experienced Internet Marketer can make sense enough of it to put it to use.

In my world, content curation is the controversial part because what it actually means is to take existing content and repackage it for your own unique use. Obviously, reading between the lines, there exists a whole Internet industry out there doing this very thing. However, content curation was news to me.

Old think says that it is possible to take existing published content, work a little magic on it, and republish it for unique content. In the wake of Google Panda, new think says it’s harder to do successfully.

However, as hinted at by Wright, people and corporations are using this strategy to provide SEO material to drive people to their unique content websites.

Simply put, content curation using the Google Plus Plus method, powered by the power of Google Plus is a step by step way to implement a really strange link wheel, using tools you have never heard of, and drawing in social media sources you are probably already using.

The bottom line is that the Google Plus Plus curation system probably works, as far as it goes. The very article you are reading now, in fact, is a test of Google Plus Plus. I’ll be watching to see what happens.

So what does it all mean, this Google Plus Plus stuff?

Answer… It’s complicated, and it doesn’t look like I’m having much more luck than Wright in more than 21 videos on the subject. As simply as I can, you build a jam up good, well SEO’d site or page, and use Google Plus to drive traffic to it using the Google Plus Plus system. It’s an alternative to the standard link wheel and article marketing method.

Alternative it may be, but in my world, Google Plus Plus is an addition to my traditional SEO methods. More on that in a moment.

What Wright and others are preaching is that when Google gets up to full steam with Google Plus, this new link wheel process is going to be more critical than ever. They say that the old methods of off site SEO are going to work much less effectively…if at all. Google Plus is the culmination of all of this social media marketing stuff you have been reading about.

Google Plus Plus is your introduction to the ground floor of a new marketing strategy, so they say.

Is Google Plus Plus the answer? I honestly tell you that I don’t know. If the hints that Google is dropping now pan out, then Google Plus Plus will be invaluable. If, on the other hand, industry experts are misreading the SEO tea leaves, then Google Plus Plus is going to be just another link wheel scheme.

For my part, I’m playing it safe. I’m LEARNING the Google Plus Plus system, and testing it out right here and now. In the worst case scenario, I can’t see where it will hurt, and may actually be a fine new method.

The problem for Internet marketers is that the Google Plus Plus system adds new layers to SEO. Wright often suggests in his videos, that you let your staff handle parts of it. In the case of a one man shop, these new layers will take time. If it is time well spent, then all is well. If not…

Time will tell if Google Plus and Google Plus Plus are worth undertaking. I’m thinking that it’s a risk worth taking. So I have devoted a week of my time to the challenge. I wouldn’t start the Google Plus Plus system if I didn’t have several days to devote to it. It’s not the kind of thing you can do it or miss. It’s not a push button instant gratification system.

In the end, as I already mentioned, Google Plus Plus is absolutely useless if you don’t already have an organization well grounded in traditional search engine optimization methods. Google Plus Plus builds on what you already know. It goes hand in hand with what you are already doing.

If you need training in how to put together a well search engine optimized website, even if you are a total greenhorn beginner, you would be well advised to use my Work at Home Internet Marketing Training services for your best and most fast start. Do this first, and then put the newer strategies like Google Plus Plus to work for you!

You’ll find the Google Plus Plus course on the Warrior Forum. $24.95 from Network Empire. I make NO dough if you purchase.

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