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Kindle Publishing with Kindling Review

Kindle book publishing has created a surge in e-books creation as more and more authors learn that they don’t have to rely on pesky, fickle editors to see their books and short stories in print! This is the most frequently updated massive Kindling Review on the net.

In short, for authors, harried Internet marketers, and writers of all ages and interests, there is a path to seeing your book placed before the hungry eyes of people around the world that doesn’t involve sending out an endless stream of reams of printed pages to editor’s assistants who do nothing more than transfer your hard work to your S.A.S.E unopened. If this description fits you, then I beg your indulgence. Please read on.

The path I’m going to lay out involves a system called, Kindling, developed and maintained by author Geoff Shaw.

Truth is stranger than fiction, as they say, so here is a bit of truth right up front. The intent of this article, besides giving you good information on what you’re looking for, is for you to click on the link directly below. This will give you an opportunity to decide whether or not Geoff’s Kindling system is right for you. If so, then I would expect you to purchase it. If you go straight there from here, I will make a commission.

If you are not so much a reader as a “doer” then you need go no further than the link below.You can simply “cut to the chase” and get on with your Kindle career by clicking. Else, read on… then CLICK the link.


Geoff Shaw’s Kindling Course



To get started, I’m assuming that you came here as part of your research on getting started with Kindle publishing. I can relate to that, because just a couple of months ago I knew exactly zero, zip, about it myself. It was only shortly before that I first laid my eyes on a Kindle down at the local Best Buy. Far from demonstrating my ignorance, I tell you this so that you’ll have an idea of how far I have come in this short time.

CowchipCoverAmazon-9-11-2013-WAHAs of this writing (updated) I have 13 books published on Amazon. This is the link to my Amazon “Author’s Page.”

http://www.amazon.com/Norman-Morrison/e/B008MO4IAY .

Under my pen name Buck Hunter: http://www.amazon.com/Buck-Hunter/e/B00VL7CGVC

How I got my first six books up in only a couple of months should be of great interest to you, for you can do something similar, once you know how.

I have been a voracious Internet marketer for many years now. Perhaps you too already promote items with Amazon. I do and I have a great many niche sites, and one big honkering local website as well. After weathering attacks from Google’s Panda and Penguin for the last year or so, I finally decided it was time to do something different. I shall keep all of my niche sites, and my beloved local community site, but truth be told, the first thing I did when I got the chance was to start by writing fiction stories.

The thing that drove me to Internet marketing in the first place was that it served as a place that I could write and make money at the same time. I was getting NOWHERE FAST with my fiction pursuits. I suspected that the editor’s assistants that received my stories simply placed them into my included S.A.S.E. aka, Self Addressed Stamped Envelope, without so much as even a glance.

Time moves on. A couple of months ago, as I write this today, I received a newsletter from one of my super preferred gurus, Andy Williams. Seems he had run across Shaw’s Kindling course on the Warrior Forum and liked it so much that he decided to have a go at it. That was surprising, as up to this point Andy was strictly all about niche marketing and article writing.

The timing could not have been better. I had just completed my local community website WSO, and was contemplating the whole niche site thing.

At the time, two months ago, as I said, I knew exactly nothing about Kindle direct publishing, except that you could read books on one. Writing for the Kindle had simply never occurred to me, so I had done no research.

Andy was recommending Geoff Shaw’s course, so I went and looked, and did what I normally do. I started researching all the free stuff about Kindle that I could find so that I could just go do it all myself.

I found a good bit of stuff, but not so much as I expected. Piecing everything together, I got to the point that I was pretty sure I could actually publish to Kindle. However, Shaw’s course kept nagging at me. I kept going back to it.

Eventually, with still unanswered questions about Kindle publishing swirling about my poor brain, I said to heck with it and bought Jeff’s course. It cost me a pretty penny… $77. Well, to me, that’s kinda steep, but I have paid more for courses in my time, believe you me. A couple of them were even actually worth the price.

Please note that Geoff has raised the price to $127. (And it will go higher. He says less members means less support worries so he can write more. That’s his reasoning. He has sold a TON of these things! He personally answers all emails from the members.)  Gulp. This is still one time for life, no upsells. I know this is going to put many off. However it is worth every penny as a one time complete investment if you’re serious about writing. It will be the foundation of your writing career. You can do what you need to do using his course alone.

When you visit the link above, you’ll be taken to the Warrior Forum where you can buy the course. There are many pages of reviews, questions and answers on there, and none of them bad. However, with experience, you’ll learn to be somewhat reserved of WF reviews. Most folks there are unfailingly nice to begin with. If you are an experienced Internet marketer reading this, you know what I’m talking about. If you are not, just take my word for it, please. Regardless, you will be impressed with what you see on Geoff’s thread.

Update: Geoff announced that he is leaving the Warrior Forum as his sales page behind in October 2014. When you click my link you’ll go elsewhere now to view his offer. Same offer, different place. However, I couldn’t help but grab two last screen shots from the WF:

You’ll note that it was seen more than 221,660 times on the WF. This is huge even by Warrior Forum mega hit standards. That’s why when I promote Kindling I truthfully say that it’s the #1 writing training product on the market today. Ok…and I couldn’t help but grab one more item from there… Check out this comment..


I could not have said it better myself. IF you know the bare basics of writing a story then you can skip the creative fiction class and just get Kindling from Geoff. Access to our closed Facebook group alone is worth much much more than the price of the product.

No bad reviews is an indicator that a seller of a product there is doing something right. It’s a good sign. My final reason for purchasing…Andy liked it… pages of good reviews liked it…so what the heck. I bought it.

It took me all of about five minutes to see that I had done the right thing.

It turns out that Shaw, who I had never heard of, is a long time Internet marketer, and if to be believed is quite good at it. I’m inclined to believe it, because as of today his offer, or WSO, (Warrior Forum Special) has had more than 182,638 views. (See my update above.). That’s good. And nearly 800 comments. That’s good too, especially, since they are all good comments. This is an indicator that the guy knows what he’s doing, at the least. When you are familiar with these things, this is some of the stuff you look at to make an evaluation of whether what you are seeing has validity.

Important Note: Geoff Shaw responds, and actually works with the membership via email and through our inspirational, friendly and practical Kindling Facebook group. This is where we share our success and ask and get help from other members.

Your purchase is made using Paypal. It’s an easy process. Because of the nature of your purchase, Geoff has elected to manually authorize buyers. So, depending on what time you order, you will get a mail with passwords and such anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours later. Obviously he does it all himself, which is kind of rare. He is the seller, support, and password giver all in one. This has its advantages, really.

One of the things that drew me to the course in the first place was that Andy said that Geoff responded quickly to his emails. Having written him a couple of times myself, I can concur with Andy’s opinion. Allowing for the time differences, (Geoff lives somewhere in Australia) you will get a response quickly, and with good, if short replies.

Many WSO’s come to you in the form of a PDF. Geoff’s course. however, resides on a website. Everything is neatly laid out on the sidebar, which opens in the main window. Once you start, you will want to start at the top and read everything down the side in order.

The pages of the course contain links to the other pertinent pages, so you may find yourself hopping around a bit inside the site. My advice is to just start at the top and work your way down. After finishing everything, then you can go back and concentrate on the things you need more help with.

Shaw guides you, step by step, in a logical manner to publish with Amazon, in everything you need to know in order to develop a book, to publishing a book, and then promoting said book.

In Kindle lingo, a book can be a book, or a short story. Everything is a book. Thus, your book could be 2,000 words, 10,000 words, or 100,000 words.

A little publishing length jargon for you as explained by Wiki:

There is actually no hard and fast rule as to what constitutes a story as versus a novel. You can publish long books or you can publish short books. The metrics above is what is accepted by science fiction guys, and will give you a general rule to go by. In Kindle terms, even a short short may be accepted, although, I’m not sure if the shortest short ever written might make it.

It was none other than SF writer Fredrick Brown’s story entitled “Knock.” I will republish it here:

“The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door…”

That’s it. You just read the shortest short story ever written. Again, Kindle defines the above as a book. Whoopee!

Update: One of the ladies on our Kindling FB group (which is available to Kindling users only) has sold thousands of books (novellas, actually) running in length from 20-35K for $2.99 each. Geoff pinned her recommendations to the top of the group page.

Let’s look at a snippet of things you’ll learn from Geoff’s course:

  • What kind of book sells best?
  • Do you need to know English to write books for English speakers?
  • Can a non English speaker do well writing books in their native language?
  • Do you have to do special formatting tricks for Kindle? (I’ll tell you now…NO. DO NOT get hung up with all the free formatting advice on the net. Posh!)
  • Should you be able to and enjoy writing before proceeding? (My opinion…If you don’t like writing, you won’t like this course.)
  • Can I farm out the writing?
  • How many books should I write?
  • What’s best? Should I publish short fiction or long non-fiction?

Again, even if you are a total dunce about Kindle like I was a short while ago, Geoff teaches you everything you need to know to get published, assuming you can write. But a warning here. If you don’t like to write, or can’t write, you really need to concentrate on something else. On the other hand, if you can write well enough to compose articles for your websites, and kind of like writing, you’re in. I just don’t want to see you waste your money.

The fact is that with a good deal of research, most anyone with a product can fairly quickly see it published to Kindle. It will be harder and take longer to do without this course, but it can be done. Fair enough.

However, if you intend to give this writing business a good go, or it’s really what you want to do, you really do need the Kindling course to show you how to publish e-books. I have often stated that a man is only as good as his tools, and this is no different. You need this information before you begin.

But, you might ask….Suppose I have already begun, and have books on Amazon already.

I might reply that unless you are a mighty lucky writer, just having a book available isn’t nearly enough. You need to know how to PROMOTE your book, and this too is a large part of the Kindle writing course.

Ok, so how much extra will I have to pay to promote my book?

Using Geoff’s methods, nothing.

However, I was reading some posts in a writer’s forum just the other day by one lady who has paid thousands to her agent. Has she done well? Nope. Not so far as I could gather. But she surely loves her agent, even still! I even commented to her that as there were free ways she could accomplish her promotion herself. She thanks me and then basically told me to bug off.

I won’t go so far as to the say that lady is completely nuts. I’ll leave it at that.

Writing a book is only half the job. The other half is to let folks know it’s there. Unless you are some kind of well known personality, axe murderer, or the like, your book won’t sell itself. The Kindle course shows you how. And for free.

So, write the book, publish the book, and then promote the book. That’s what you get with Shaw’s program.

Even better, the course is updated. Maybe Shaw will get tired and wander off some day, but so far, he has placed new material on there nearly every week. Good and helpful material. The first thing I do when I go back for a look is to check to see what he’s added.

I know you have read in every WSO or sales offer on the Internet that it should be selling for much more. I further know that you have read from someone trying to sell someone’s offer that it should be priced higher. Well, now, read it again. Shaw could be getting a LOT more for his course than he’s getting now. He’s probably kicked himself a few times. He even states this right at the top if his sales page.

So, what do I, a user, think of the price nearly two years after originally writing this article?

As stated, it’s now $127. If it had been $177 I would not have bought it. If it had been $77 for a year’s subscription I would have still bought it. Geoff says it’s worth at least $1997. Yeah, right. I don’t think so. Well, theoretically maybe. It would have to come with an English butler.

I am leaving the last paragraph intact to make a point. I originally wrote this page in August 2012 when his course was cheaper. As I write this today it is January 2014 Geoff says the price will rise to $197 later this year. Obviously I would not have purchased at this price. WHAT you say? Are you daft, man? Are you selling this thing or not?

The answer is YES I am selling this course, currently for $127 and the answer is also I would have made a BIG mistake by not buying the course even at the higher price knowing now what I did not know then. My advice, using my hard won hindsight is to buy the course (and stay the course!)

All the evidence is IN. EVERYONE LOVES Kindling. Besides what you’ll see on the Warrior Forum, there is a slew of us over on Facebook on Geoff’s Kindling group that makes it worth the price alone. Let me say that again. Our FB group is worth the price alone. We have multiple guys in our exclusive FB group who are making better than living money only after using the course. And they share what they know.

Let me deal with a possible buyer objection here. I AM on the FB group. You will KNOW if I’m telling the truth or not about the worth of the group in about fifteen minutes after you land there. Frankly, I hope you’ll thank me in a post, but I’m confident that at the least you’ll see I am abundantly truthful when I extoll the virtues of it. It can be your game changer.

Once you pony up the sign up fee you can join with us. If you have questions, you’ll get answers. Sometimes copious answers. We love to help each other out. You’ll know you made the right decision about five minutes after you get started. We all did and you will too. Before long you’ll be right in there with us praising your decision to just go ahead and do the right writing thing! Be sure to say Hi Norm when you join the group. 

The moral to this section of my article is whatever the price, if you are serious about writing, GET THE COURSE. And you can’t get it more cheaply anywhere else than right here in this article penned by one of Geoff’s biggest fans. (I am dropping my 9th book onto Amazon this very day!) 

Regardless, and here is the take away…. You won’t be half way through the course before you well understand that using what he teaches, you should be able to make a go of Kindle Publishing. Also, you will understand that by doing what he teaches, you will be light years ahead of your competition who did not use his course.

Will Kindling in itself make you an instant hit? The answer is of course not. Your success is up to you. However, just like you’re not going anywhere unless you know the fundamentals of writing a book, whether it is fiction or otherwise, you are also not going anywhere fast with your latest epic unless you know how to get it before the eyes of the viewer. Geoff’s course gives you everything and more that you need to know about publishing and marketing your books.  Add in our friendly (and private) Kindling group on Facebook and you too can be a winner easier and faster than going it all on your own. Trust me. I know!

I also know that if I had relied solely on the free stuff about Kindle publishing out there on the net, I’d never get anywhere. In marketing as well as publishing, what you don’t know will come back to bite you right in the old buttola.

And another thing, especially for seasoned Internet marketers. You may be used to bending the rules here and there a bit. I sure love to! It’s fun! But, your Kindle publishing account is much too precious of a thing to take chances with. Don’t even think about trying to game the system, because there is NO replacement. Treat it like GOLD.

One hint: The object for the smart writer, who is in it for more than a head trip is to think in terms of writing series books. One book leads to another. This is how the rich guys on Kindle got rich. This is ALL laid out in Geoff’s course.

Once again, let me give you the link:


Geoff Shaw’s Kindling Course


There. Just one click and you’ll feel right as rain!

What others are saying:


“This is my first introduction to Geoff Shaw. (However, after going through the first few audios, I already wish I had found him sooner!)

In my research about him, I had heard he had a “no fluff” style of delivering the information–and I can now say that is truly the case. Each module is short and to the point with no ‘rambling’ as I have seen in so many other product creators.

The length and breadth of the current and coming modules is amazing–especially considering the low price point and…..best of all…NO OTO!!!!” *

* NormNote: I think what cee cee is saying is that there are NO upsells. An upsell is a device whereby the seller lures you in, gives you half the information, then holds you up to buy more stuff. Geoff’s course is COMPLETE! No upsells!!


“Warriors, if you’re going to trust one person to deliver what is promised, and support you in your efforts, it’s Geoff. But be prepared to work, cause while his methods are easy, they do require commitment.

Good luck all. See you in the Kindle store. And I can’t wait!”

NormNote: I liked the commenter’s handle…


“What if you don’t have or know how to use a kindle yet?”

NormNote: I can answer that. I don’t have a Kindle. I use the online application Kindle for PC. Get it. It’s free. When you download a book, it goes to this application by magic, somehow. You DO NOT NEED to own a Kindle to read Kindle books. Through the week plenty of authors have “free days” where you can get books for free. It’s a neat way to see how it works, and get free reading material too!

I might also mention here that there are plenty of videos, and audios included with the course. Lots of show and tell. Also, there is nothing extra to buy. Plenty of free tools available. Also of interest, Geoff sounds a lot like Crocodile Dundee. You have to respect a man that sounds like that.

NormNote: Someone says that they aren’t that good of a writer. Geoff responds:

“If you can write an email and write a forum post then you have what it takes to succeed with Kindle… you might need to choose specific markets to target based on your skills (or lack thereof) but I will be showing you how to do that.

ANYONE can succeed with this If They Want To.”

NormNote: Guess what? This article just hit 3000 words. It’s 3010 now. That’s a short story, and that’s a Kindle book! It’s just that easy!

Lastly, a comment by a guy a really nice guy named housewarrior:

“Simply amazing. As of 7/21 Geoff has 56,000 views. If he manages to sell only one out of a hundred, then he’ll make more money than most of us do in a year.

The funny thing about it is that he’s not promising pie in the sky.

Having proceeded through his course to the point of starting up the promotion aspect he teaches, I can tell you that it’s good honest labor.

But I feel real good about it.

If you’re interested to see where I (A course user) have gotten to so far, taking his course step by step, just search ” cowchip/al ” on Amazon. You’ll find six or seven books along with all the frilly promo stuff. And guess what? There’s absolutely no fear of giving away a secret. Everyone starts on the same level. I like that. A LOT!

Whether I take off or not…That’s up to the readers….but so far, I haven’t missed a trick to make sure they have every chance to at least consider my stuff, and keep coming back.

Without Geoff’s course, I have to tell you that I would have remained clueless. Now I know, theoretically, at least, that I’m ahead of the rest of the writers who just poke a book up and hope for the best.


So, in conclusion, if you are a frustrated writer, you’ll have your chance to un-frustrate with this handy course. If I were you, I’d go for it. I did. I like it a lot!

Norm, Editor, Owner – WorkAtHomeGC.com

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