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Work At HomeWork At Home Overview

Work at Home, which is yours truly, me, Norm, appreciates you taking this opportunity. That’s first.

This somewhat lengthy but fun filled Work at Home page will clue you in on what my one on one Work at Home program is all about, what I do for you, and what I expect of you so that you can make your best decision.

What kind of a Work at Home computer user are you?

The first thing to consider is what I’m offering here is not beginner computing. That’s another matter. I’ll be happy to do that too, but I can’t do that and then make a decent go of teaching you Work at Home Internet marketing. That’s complicated enough without having to explain simple computer stuff. (It’s OK if you don’t know much about computers. You can learn. It’s just that we have to have something to build on.) So, if you want to learn how to use your computer, contact me and let’s get to work. Later, we can work on making money online.

By experienced with computers, I mean things like you know how to copy and paste, make files and folders, download and install programs, use email. That sort of thing. If you are comfy with that, then we have a foundation from which to work with the tools that you will be using in your new Work at Home profession.

About your main tool, your computer.

Your computer doesn’t have to be the very latest model, but it must be in good enough shape for what’s coming. It can’t be a decrepit turtlefied moth bitten model on its last legs. If it is in good shape, XP is fine. Windows 7 is even better.

Your ultimate Work at Home tool must have enough horsepower under the hood, as in memory and so forth to allow you to use modern software, for you will be working not only with text but graphics as well. Again, it doesn’t have to be top of the line…just sufficient. You will also need a fast connection such as you would have with cable or DSL. For our Work at Home lessons we’ll be using TeamViewer to communicate with which works best with high speed.

The last reason that your Work at Home computer must be up to snuff is that once you get going, you’ll find that time is money in your work. A balky computer is a no no. If you’re serious to do this new thing, make sure you have the tools for success, even if that means going down to Walmart and getting a cheap newer machine. It will be a blessing.

Your computer must not be a MAC. As nice as they are, the Internet is a critter of the clone clan. Most Work at Home things you will run across in your work are designed for Windows.

How we collaborate for your Work at Home Success

You and I will each have the latest version of Team Viewer installed on our machines. When connected you will be able to see my desktop as if it were your own, and vice-versa. For the most part you will be on MY desktop TV is very powerful software indeed.

And seeing is not all. You’ll need a working microphone and set of speakers or headset. We’ll be yakking back and forth as I show you how to do your Work at Home work. It’s actually fun!

Work at Home TV Instructions:

Work at HomeThe viewer is free. That’s Work at Home nice! Before we begin for real, I suggest that we hookup to make sure everything is everything. Therefore first thing you need to do is to go grab a copy and install it on your computer. Get it HERE. Install it.

Basically you’ll give me a call at the time we agree on. You’ll open your copy of TV and I’ll do the same.

Check out the screen shot left. (I’ll show you how to do a screen shot in our class.)

I will give you my TeamViewer ID and Password (Password number changes from session to session). For your part, you will enter my ID….and when it asks, my password. Then you are looking at MY Work at Home computer desktop. Nice! We’ll get our audio back and forth set up, and then we’ll be on our way to having ALL the Work at Home fun!

In case you were wondering, TV is safe and secure to use, before and after the session. Even if you leave it running forever and forever, nobody can come into your machine unless you allow it and it must be running for this to happen. Work at Home is fun! Enough about that.

As I said, for the most part, you’ll be on my desktop, but should the occasion arise, we just log off, reverse the password process, and poofs, I’m on your machine. No el problemo!

Once my desktop comes up on yours, you’ll see everything I do. You can even move my cursor around, click on stuff, etc., though you oughtn’t to do that unless it’s part of the training. Dueling cursors is not fun!

It’s worth mentioning again, that if for no other reason than our use of TV, your Work at Home computer must be new enough and fast enough to handle it. XP or above and a fast connect.

You must be able to write text…

This is not meant as a put down. It is just a fact of the Work at Home success business. Whereas many older hands with some money in the bank are able to hire out many aspects of website creation, you need to be able to do it all yourself, even if you can hire it out. Why? How would you know that you are getting your money’s worth when you see it?

Besides, paying someone else to do YOUR work is not for beginners, as in, if your first project goes bust, all you’ll be out is time.

Being IM literate means that you are capable of writing basic text and know what the CAP key is for. Basic writing skills. When you go pro, you can’t write like you text on your phone. That’s a Work at Home uh-uh. Remember, you’re studying to become a Work at Home professional!

Here’s one for you. I bet you didn’t know that a lot of folks living in numerous other countries whose first language isn’t English…with many more hoops to jump through than you to accomplish the same Internet marketing tasks often make more money than home grown Americans. It’s something to do with the I “want to” factor, I believe

This is most important. There are NO boxed solutions.

You are going to have to be willing to dig and research, and really put your thinking cap on. My job is to give you the Work at Home foundation for success, but once you have that, you’re going to have to have the capability and motivation to exceed my programming. Savvy partner?

By the way, have you noticed that you see Work at Home pretty often? There are two schools of thought about this. Personally, I want to make SURE friend Google knows what this page is about. Well, since and shot my mouth off I might as well tell you that there are quite often two or seven schools of thought about this stuff. When I know more than one, I’ll tell you.

I’m going to give you a boxcar load of Work at Home information. You’re going to have to access to EVERYTHING I know about this thing we call Work at Home Internet marketing. It’s going to be a college level course done very quickly. I’m going to cut out the fluff and go straight to the stuff. Be ready.

Members in good standing  of my one on one Work at Home  classes take notes. You will be taking copious notes, and so will I. At the conclusion of our time, I’ll send you my notes. This will help you to sort everything out and serve as a reminder as you progress to your first website.

To begin our Work at Home training…

The first Work at Home thing to do is to give me a call, but do so ONLY if you are serious. I can’t blame you one bit if you don’t find me a fit for your needs after our initial chat, but do not be a window shopper. Please. If you’re ready to step up to Work at Home Internet marketing, more than likely, we’ll hit it off just fine!

Realize that I am working from the most broad outlines for your Work at Home training.

For what I call the “Overview” sessions we’ll split it up into two. About the most the human mind can do with my intense training is about 4-5 hours at a time. The first Work at Home study session will be focused on the tools of the trade including website building software and graphics. The second will be about how you get your site found once you build it, or SEO. That’s short for Search Engine Optimization.

Of the two sections the latter Work at Home is worth MUCH more than what you are paying. By the time we are done, you’ll have the latest SEO methods to work with, saving your a HUGE amount of research. More, you’ll have a good idea of what further researches to pursue and what to avoid! This alone is worth its weight in gold.

I don’t have a set formula for SEO. Sure, I have my core elements, but I’m ALWAYS studying, learning, and refining. You’ll get the benefit of my current Work at Home expertise from the get go.

As for the Work at Home sessions. My suggestion is that we skip a day or two between sessions to give you time to assimilate. Consider them as two pleasant jobs interludes. However, the choice is yours. If you want them back to back, we’ll do it that way too. But we need to complete both inside of a week. Neither one of us needs to completely cool off between sessions. Ok?

Your complete Overview will run about 8 hours total.

When we chat on the phone, we will nail down a time certain to meet up with TV. Here’s the deal. Once I have a time, I will clear my schedule. Except for death or natural disaster your time starts as we agreed to. If you’re not there, that’s time lost. I believe that’s fair, for obvious reasons. I take your training very seriously. Your Work at Home job is my job number one.

There is another mode of Work at Home study…

Suppose you are already grounded in the basics but need work on the particulars, as in SEO, etc? For this, you might decide to choose option two and we’ll do our work by the hour. This is something we’ll ferret out in our initial chat. No problem!

Paying for your Work at Home training…

Before we start with this work from home business business you will need to make your payment through PayPal through my little shopping cart on here. You can do it immediately, or 24 hours before our first session. That’s up to you.

I have a simple charging system. $400 for the complete 8 hour overview. $100 per hour for hourly for folks who haven’t been through the Overview course. $40 per hour for my returning Overview students. You would most probably pay a LOT more if you could find someone in my experience range capable, able, and willing to teach you. You most assuredly would pay astronomically more for the guys I look on as my gurus.

If you are unfamiliar with PayPal, not to worry. You don’t have to be member to use it, although you will definitely sign up in the course of your Work at Home Internet marketing work. In the meantime, all you need is a credit card. Just click on the cart and follow the instructions. I’ll be notified that you did, so that I will know for sure that you are coming. This gives me time to get my ducks in a row.

Our “get to know each other” chat is the time to decide if what I’m offering is right for you. If you decide to become a Work at Home pupil, be advised that there are NO refunds. You’re going to be getting GREAT VALUE for your investment. Be sure this is what you want before you click that buy button. Then get ready to buckle up your seatbelt, because the Internet world as you thought you knew it is going to go bye bye big time.

And by the way, if you’re wondering if I know my stuff…well, you’re here aren’t you? No Internet marketer in their right mind would go for the search phrase, “Work at Home.” It’s one of the most competitive searches on the Internet today. I guess one might infer that I’m not actually in my right mind. Ha.

Let me put a Work at Home bug in your ear about some things to consider…

Assuming you’re interested in the Overview, what are your goals? Do you want to do affiliate marketing? Adsense marketing? Something else?

I teach the work from home jobs website part of the course using my favorite three platforms: FrontPage, xSitePro, WordPress. Of the three, I would prefer to use xSitePro.

I know that EVERYONE uses WordPress. It’s the home based platform of choice for many. If this is your choice, that’s fine. More than fine. But it is a fact that the page building properties of WordPress, compared, is pretty darn primitive. If it doesn’t matter to you, I’d rather start you out with xSitepro, because it has so MANY features and goodies that come with it. Should you later decide to also use WordPress, you’ll be far more prepared and capable than someone who has only used WordPress. But either way is fine with me. Both programs have a steep learning curve enough to keep us plenty busy with our Work at Home studies.

There are two ways to start your Work at Home Internet marketing work. The free or the paid route. Which one do you prefer?

Personally, I have amassed a set of paid tools that I use in my home business opportunities work. It took me years. You can have ALL the Work at Home tools I recommend with a few clicks of the mouse and a good charge card.

IF you decide to progress in Work at Home Internet marketing, to set up your very own Work at Home business some day you will have all or most of these tools. To start though, you may not be able to afford them. I started out using all the free online tools. There is no shame in that!

Of the two methods, naturally, I would prefer to have everything I need right from the start. However, if this is not possible, I need to know this when we speak to each other so that I may design your course from this basis. For example, if you’re able to purchase the tools I use, I’ll teach from those tools. If you must go the free route to start, I’ll proceed from this basis. It’s up to you.

The two basic fundamentals of Work at Home Internet success:

First, you must know how to build a website the Work at Home way using your preferred software.

Second, you must know how to get your Work at Home designed website found!

There will be a good deal of professional overlap in the two sessions, but as much as I’m able, I’ll try hard to stay focused on the situation at hand. I might add that third you must also know how to develop your starting idea for a website and how to properly monetize it. An affiliate site, for example, and an Adsense have similarities, but the differences are give you the ability to make the website profitable. Not even sure what an Adsense site is? Not to work, I cover ALL that stuff with you during our Work at Home journey.

If the legitimate Work from Home biz was easy everyone would be doing it…

I have done enough work in my time to know what work is. Compared, IM or Internet Marketing is not work if you enjoy it. In my time I have been a warehouseman, salesman, electrician, and I have worked in TV (which was also not work work.) However, warehousing WAS work! And climbing around in dusty attics and under appliances was work too. I marvel at anyone who is good at what they do. A home based business is oodles more fun!

Look at it this way, having a bag full of tools does not make one an appliance repair person, does it? No. That comes with experience. a work-at-home job takes more than an el cheapo quickie ebook.

Similarly, purchasing a gee whiz Work at Home jobs course you heard about on the radio won’t make you expert enough to make a dime either. It CAN NOT be done. You’ll realize this quickly enough as we work through our course.

Making money on the net is HARD. It is achievable, but it can’t be found in the cheap box. That’s not the way to find Work at Home opportunities. It takes a lot of brain work and long hours. If you ENJOY it, then if you don’t make a million, at least you’ll have fun doing it. If you can’t enjoy working from home, be it a hobby or a job, PLEASE don’t even start. You’ll waste your money and my time. I’m no so needy (I’m pretty needy!) that I’ll string you along. Be sure this is what you want before you start. Do that, and you have as good of a chance at Work at Home success as anyone else!

I LIKE Working At Home and You Will Also!

I LIKE Internet Marketing. I also like Work at Home stuff. I might as well like it. I’m 56, this is a rotten economy, and the greeter job at Walmart has already been filled. Thank God that I have found something I really like. I’m the luckiest guy you ever met. Truly.

If you’re the kind of guy or gal who is ready to work for yourself, making your own Work at Home success stories for a change, then let’s get on with it. Don’t quit your day job if you have one, but get ready to enter a larger world. A fun world. Often, a rewarding world.

If you’re ready, give me a call. 256-405-9713. Let’s get to work making Work at Home magic!




OVERVIEW (8 Hours In Two Sessions) $400



SEO link thrown in for extra goodness: Wiki says work at home has environmental benefits. Whoopee!

Work At Home Testimonial

"What can I say about Norman, He's the best at what he does.

I have seen many video's and read a lot about getting started in Affiliated Marketing but hands down Norman's approach to teaching the subject is the best. Since I'm just starting in affiliate marketing, I was looking for someone to really explain all the nuances of this process.

Well I found the right guy, Norman gave me a thorough explanation of all processes that that go into getting started in this business. And then he broke down each process and explained them to me.

Just by the way he taught me about affiliate marketing, I knew that he had an enormous passion for teaching the subject. His vast experience in affiliate marketing is very beneficial to anyone looking to get started in this business."
- Ruben S

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