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Work at Home Guide to Success With Internet Marketing For Beginners

Work at Home Guide to Success With Internet Marketing For Beginners

Your Own Community WebsiteWork at Home Internet Marketing is a process. This fine article answers many of the questions beginners have about this wonderful trade.

Since you are a beginner, it’s not likely that you’ll have a website with which to promote products. So up top, there are some things to think about as you approach your starting research.

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The first thing to consider is what type Internet Marketing you wish to do. Below find a simplified explanation of what comes next in your Work at Home information quest.

Two common approaches are affiliate marketing wherein you place advertising on your site that you get from companies such as Commission Junction, and Adsense advertising where you place Google Adsense ads on your site. In either case, you have two choices…

  • You can choose the product and build the website around it.
  • You can build the website, and find products to monetize it.

As a Work at Home beginner, taking your first steps in search of Work at Home jobs, if you choose to go the affiliate marketing route, you don’t have the luxury of building the site around the product. To get you first product, you’ll need to have a website to show to the affiliate marketing company.

Creating a stay at home job website geared to Adsense is much easier, because Google basically doesn’t care. You are going to become their affiliate for the asking.

Back to affiliate marketing…

You decide that as far as stay at home jobs go, that you want to market sailboat paddles, because that’s something with which you are already familiar.

The next question is what platform do you use to build your Work at Home Internet Marketing site.

Popular Work at Home choices are:

  • WordPress
  • XSitepro
  • FrontPage

FrontPage is an older web development tool, which, although, hasn’t been sold since 2003 is still very popular. You can learn a LOT about building websites with using FrontPage. A stay at home mom could ease into Work at Home websites by giving over spare time to experimenting and studying this program.

Then there is XSitePro, which, to some extent, could be said to be the inheritor and offspring of FrontPage. It is very modern and offers tons and reams of extras so that you can build a very complex and GREAT looking site, if you wish. For the Work at Home beginner, this website builder of my choice, even though WordPress might also be in your future.

WordPress, on the other hand, is the hands down choice for most Work at Home Internet marketers for reasons I won’t elaborate, except to say that it is free, and also has tons of features that you can use or lose.

Whichever site builder you choose will have a steep learning curve for the Work at Home business beginner, but since millions overcome the start up difficulties, then so will you.

Let us assume that you have picked your Work at Home platform, and your product and you get busy building your website empire of success. What comes next?

Once your site is complete, you must be sure to do your utmost to make sure that Google places it on page one of the search results for the topic your website is about.

If, for example, your legitimate stay at home business model site is about “brown boxes,” then you want your site to float to the top anytime anyone types “brown boxes” into a search engine.

The most common approach to setting yourself up front and center with Google is to make sure that other sites have links to your site. This is called “backlinking.”

Backlinking is an art and science in itself, and is as important to understand as building the site itself. If you’re going to work from home in the Internet marketing business, this is a thing you must come to understand and love.

So now your Work at Home site is built, and your backlinking campaign is underway. What might be next on the radar with your affiliate site?

Their are a great many affiliate linking sites out there, but my hands down favorite is Commission Junction.

You’ll make your way to their site and petition to join up. One thing they will look at is how serious you are. Just wanting to pursue jobs from home won’t cut it. Since you already have a great website about brown boxes, this will help you to be admitted to the club. So, having a good working website is tops on the list.

After hooking up with Commission Junction, (CJ) you will be able to search for all of their “advertisers” who are selling brown boxes. Among other things, you will be able to see current metrics that will give you an idea of how well each company is doing in the marketplace. You’ll pick one to start, though you can sign up for as many as you like for your jobs at home project.

If the company accepts you, then you will be able to go fetch code for banners or text links to place in the HTML (the guts) of your website. When you view site, you’ll see the banners or text links, as will your potential customers.

When a customer clicks on your link or banner they will be magically transported to the advertiser’s site. (Did I mention that in the grand scheme, you are known as the “publisher”?)

Once on the site, if the customer makes a purchase, a commission is automatically generated on CJ through the magic of software. You will be paid this commission. That’s how you make money with affiliate marketing and keeps you working from home.

Adsense, on the other hand, is a little different. You have seen Adsense as long as you have been computing, but you didn’t know it. Those little boxes full of links on most websites is Adsense advertising. Whenever you click on one of those links, the owner of the site makes a commission. That is their home business opportunity at work right in front of your Work at Home eyes.

So, which type of Work at Home site to build?

An affiliate site and an Adsense site is similar, but there are important differences. Stay at home moms must choose one or the other. Of course, you could produce a hybrid, but it is best to settle on one goal or the other.

As for the money part, an affiliate site will often bring in a much larger commissions than an Adsense site. Though it seems like a no-brainer to go with the bigger money, the only real measure of success is the bottom line at the end of the month. Depending on what your site is about, often you can make more money with Adsense than you can by pursuing affiliate marketing. This is something you can learn, or be taught in this course.

So, you might ask, how in the world can I, as a hard working Work at Home worker tell that the company I choose to become a Work at Home affiliate marketer for is genuine and will actually pay what they owe?

Truthfully, this is not always possible. What I am about to tell you is subjective. I can’t prove it one way or the other. This is where experience comes in…

I trust Adsense, as far as you can trust a machine, because the operation is as sure as a cash register. Someone clicks on your Adsense ad, a counter in some computer somewhere advances, and you get paid.

As for affiliate marketing… This is more difficult. I trust Commission Junction. I admit, it is a matter of faith and experience with them. Commission Junction, however, is only as reliable as the advertiser on the other end.

To lessen my worries about any company that I choose to do business with through CJ, I contact them (Advertiser) before I seriously commit my time and pages. If I don’t hear back from them, then I dump them. If their support people impress me, then I’m much more likely to Work at Home real hard for them.

But then there are special situations. Some CJ companies lend themselves to an Adsense like surety, that when someone clicks, there is an automatic money transfer. On the other hand, there are other companies that leave me wondering.

For example, I was Internet affiliate marketing some really big ticket items once upon a time. I was shoving clicks at them, but I never realized a penny of profit.

Perhaps nobody purchased anything. But more worrying, since the items were high ticket, some customers may have found them through me and went on to conclude the sale by phone…in which case I would get no commission. The advertiser made no provision for this.

In this Work at Home scenario, the only hope of getting paid that I realistically had was that the advertiser would be honest, and wish to keep the golden goose onboard for more sales. But then, on the other hand, if they sort of forgot to pay my commission, then they could keep all of the money.

So how do you prevent this from happening? Easy…just do your homework and use your common sense. If you feel uneasy about a company, dump them and move on. There will most likely be plenty more in whatever Work at Home niche you are pursuing.

With Adsense, good luck, my friend, reaching support. The saving factor here is that everything is pretty much set on automatic. While you will rarely have the opportunity ro react with a human being, in my estimation, they are pretty reliable.

However, as I already mentioned, do your due diligence when it comes to your Work at Home affiliate marketing. Contact your target company. If you come away happy, then use them.

You have just completed your great looking web page about brown boxes. So where do you place your advertising?

Text links can go most anywhere. Banners are bit more sneaky. Although you will most likely be presented with a plethora of choices, the favored spot for banners are on the left hand side of the page. A big fat banner sitting smack inside your text at the top of the page is a dandy spot. Believe it or not, broad banners which reside at the very top of the page are totally out of favor these days. All of this will be explained in my Work at Home overview course.

When it comes to back linking your jewel, nothing seems to work as well as article marketing. This is where you write an article containing a link back to your site. Then you place your article where it will do the most good on article sites like Ezine.

The traffic you generate from the article won’t do much for you, but the link will. The higher the site is in page rank, the better it will be to help your site rise in the listings.

One Work at Home thought for you…

When mulling over your initial Work at Homesite design, consider what works for you. We just had a man installed into high political office on the promise that he would be the MOST TRANSPARENT office holder in modern and ancient American history. People appreciate honesty, integrity, and knowing who they are dealing with.

On the other hand, when the customer is lied to, and sucked into a website that promises one thing, or promises transparency, and delivers something less than that, or the complete opposite of that, they will flee very quickly indeed. Something to think about.

The constant battle of website development is the proper mix of affiliate marketing and just plain great content.

Google, which is the defacto standard for search engines and Work at Home types, make a buhzillion dollars about every 5 seconds through clever marketing, but will penalize you for doing the same. Google demands content first and marketing second. Your natural inclination, as it should be, is just the complete opposite. The right balance comes with experience.

Your Own Community WebsiteWould you like to know the most massive website design idea that NOBODY ever talks about, but all the successful Work at Home Internet Marketers do?

Simply,before you dot another i or cross another t, Mr. or Mrs. Scratchit, go and look at the top websites on the first page of Google that are there when you type in your primary keyword. Deconstruct them to see WHY they are at the top. Then EMULATE them.

Of course, there is much more that can be done, but doing this very simple thing will speed you on your way to Work at Home Internet success!


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