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Work at Home Social Bookmarking

Work at Home Social Bookmarking

Your Own Community WebsiteWork at Home social bookmarking is one of top tools we use to raise our page rank on Google. For a better understanding of what Page Rank actually is, I would invite you to view my Work at Home Videos.

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Interview with SocialAdr

I don’t know why Google chose to place importance on the social bookmark, but they do, and that’s good enough for me. Bookmarking is a time tested way to help web pages rise in Google searches. When you submit a bookmark, it’s a good thing.

Google, it is said, has always preferred sites that are natural and normal, and rise in page rank naturally and normally. Therefore, when you here someone who uses social bookmarking say that you should never try to game the system, they are being disingenuous. In our work, it’s ALL about doing whatever you can within the rules to help your web pages rise to the top. Work at Home social bookmarking is one such way.

While you can submit your book marks one at the time, and/or beg your friends, who will not long remain your friends to do the same, there is an alternative. There are automated bookmarking systems. Some are just plain dumb. But one rises above all of them… What’s more, it works in a way that Google likes, more or less.

When it comes to the social bookmark, there is one cool tool, in my estimation, that rises above all others. It is none other than a website and system called SocialAdr, developed and operated by a delightful fellow by the name of Kane Miller. I set about to accomplish an interview with the gentleman to satisfy my own curiosity and teach us all something in the process.

This is actually a pretty important article, particularly if you use Work at Home Social Bookmarking as you should or plan to work with me for Work at Home Internet Marketing where I will show and tell you how and why it works, and how to use it in your own Work at Home business pursuits.

Let’s get to work with Work at Home Social Bookmarking!

Hello Kane. I’m Norm, who actually loves to Work at Home, and this is an exclusive interview for my website, WorkatHomeGC. Thanks for accepting my offer. Just pretend we’re having a conversation… I use your service and I think it’s pure genius. It’s sort of a secret weapon of mine.

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Question: For my first questions, could you tell us a little about yourself? How old are you? Somehow I get the idea you weren’t raised in Arizona. Where do you hail from? How long have you been working with computers. And what is your main computer expertise as in website development, programming, marketing?

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Answer: I’m 30 years old. Grew up on the west coast of Canada, went to university for Computer Engineering, then did what you’re “supposed” to do and got a job, working in IT consulting. After about 5 years I decided I wanted a change, quit my job, sold everything, and drove down to San Diego. I’m fortunate enough to have dual citizenship through my dad, so this move was possible. I then got started doing my own thing with internet marketing and web development. Been doing web development since the late ’90s – started with Geocities…old school!

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Question: Hey, I also Kane. I’m an old GeoCities graduate! Do you do Internet marketing, or is SocialAdr your only excursion?

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Answer: I dabble in a lot of different areas, mostly in the IM realm. Typically have 3-4 projects on the go at one time with different business partners. I prefer not to work alone because I find it’s tougher to stay motivated and it’s always nice to have people to bounce ideas off of.

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Question: This is a technical curiosity. Most of your customers have a shared hosting account and that’s about all we need. I know SocialAdr gets a ton of traffic. So, do you use a hosting service or does something of this magnitude require your own server?

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Answer: We have a dedicated quad-core server through ServInt that costs around $300/mo. Since our inception we’ve moved between 3 different hosting companies and upgraded our hardware a bunch of times. You’re right about the traffic, we’re closing in on an Alexa ranking of 5000 😉

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Question: Do you have other products online other than SocialAdr?

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Answer: Nothing worth sharing with IM-ers, but hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be launching another SEO service. I’ve also got a shopping/gift recommendation site in development.

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Question: So, how did you come up with the idea for SocialAdr and did you build it yourself or hire it out?

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Answer: When I started doing IM I was doing pretty standard affiliate marketing: keyword research, buy a domain, write content, backlink, post affiliate links. I was living off savings so didn’t have a real budget for VA’s or SEO software/services, so I was doing everything myself. One of these backlinking tactics was social bookmarking. I would manually create accounts at a lot of the popular SB sites and log in and promote my own pages.

Then it dawned on me…”Why isn’t there a web service where people can bookmark each other’s pages and the submissions happen automatically?” So I started coding it. At that time I had no idea what it would evolve into. After I launched the beta version and had 10 or so paid members, I got to a point where I wasn’t sure how to get it to the next level, and had a lot of ideas but nobody to discuss them with…so I looked for a partner.
I posted a thread in the Warrior Forum as well as sent an email to my existing members. Had 4 guys interested and interviewed them all. Ended up going with Ben Roy, who lives in Minnesota. He had a lot of experience with large-scale enterprise web services, seemed smart, motivated, and had already started designing a social bookmarking site that would have been a SocialAdr competitor.

Ben and I have been working together since Oct 2009, have only met a handful of times in person, and it’s been great for both of us. I really lucked out as I’ve heard horror stories about failed partnerships.

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Question: You mentioned before we started our chat earlier that you were in the Philippines. A lot of Internet marketers do business there in our Internet way, but not too many go there. It’s pretty exotic. Don’t mean to be nosy but I’m curious. Tell us what you think of your visit there. Points of interest and such. There’s nothing like an eyewitness report!

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Answer: In Jan 2011 I went on the “Marketers Cruise” in the Caribbean with about 500 other online marketers. I met a lot of folks that either had lived in, had an office, or had traveled to the Philippines and had great things to say about it. I had already outsourced a lot of work to Filipinos so started thinking about checking it out. Also, I had already been to other SE Asia countries so was pretty sure I knew what to expect.

My girlfriend also had an itch to travel so we decided to sell our cars, put everything in storage, and head out. In early Sept we bought a 1-way ticket to the Philippines and have been traveling around since then.
We started in Cebu and worked our way by bus/boat over to Boracay, which is a popular tourist hotspot and considered in the top 10 best beaches in the world. White sand, clear light blue water…just a beautiful place.
The Philippines is definitely less developed than we expected. Due to the high number of Filippinos working online, I expected internet to be fast everywhere, but that’s definitely not the case. I’m typing this from my apartment, which has a wired cable internet connection and is about 700 kbps download speed…nowhere near the 17 mbps I had in San Diego. But that’s actually FAST for Philippines standards.

Food here is not that great. I love Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, and Chinese food, but the Philippines really leaves much to be desired 😉 Meat is always overcooked to kill any bacteria, because food safe practices are pretty much non existent.

Pricing of things is quite hilarious to me. You can get 1-hour massages for $4, but hotel rooms can cost up to $400/night. Beer is typically $1 and is similarly priced whether it’s in a bar or in a grocery store. No 500% markups for bar booze like we’re used to in the US.

Before coming over we imagined we’d be living in a house on the beach with a pool, decent internet, A/C, etc. for $500/mo. Turns out that’s just a fantasy and not too realistic. You can find houses that cheap on the beach, but not on a “good” beach, and likely in a really remote area.

We were originally planning on staying for a year or so but we’ve already bought tickets to Australia for Dec. We’re thinking we’ll do New Zealand after that, then back to Asia with Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Question : Before our interview I hit the search engines and wound up at the Warrior Forum first thing. I pulled a handful of comments from there…

“I have actually been using SocialAdr since its beginning. I started off using the free version just to check it out, but I am now using the fully payed version. The reason for this is that with the payed version everything is fully automated and every day my bookmarks are getting shared automatically so I can focus on work that isn’t automated for me. It is a great service and I definitely recommend it.
Overall effectiveness? I cannot tell because I always use a full spectrum of link sources for every URl (articles, press releases, profiles etc). I like their fast customer service, spinning options and that the “shares” come from different (aka no footprint) users. I am not aware of any service like this.
SocialAdr’s beauty is that you can bookmark other people’s links, not only yours, so that there is a ‘natural mix’ that looks better for the websites mods, on one hand, while all YOUR links get bookmarked by people from all around the world, from different countries, IPs, etc…”


social media marketing servicesThis is 100% Free. No catch. No nothing. I use it. Click to get your free Social Media links.
(Of course they would prefer that you purchase links…but you DON’T HAVE TO.)


Work at Home Social Bookmarking Question: I get the feeling that a lot of folks use SocialAdr, but it’s not talked about much. Why do you think that is?
Work at Home Social Bookmarking Answer: I think it could be because we don’t spend a lot of time marketing it. Ben and I are so busy, with SocialAdr development, traveling, and other projects we each have on the side. Most of our new members come through our current members promoting us.
I see it as the opposite of a lot of IM software/services where 95% of the budget is spent on marketing and 5% on the product itself…and what you get is an over-hyped piece of shit 😉 Pardon my French but I’m sure we can all think of a few examples of these products 😉 Just look on ClickBank and you can find hundreds of ’em.

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Question: Here’s the meat of our chat Kane… Would you tell us why folks ought to use SocialAdr? More, I know you must have some hints and tips to share about it that maybe we haven’t thought of.

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Answer: Social signals (bookmarking, microblogging, social networking) are becoming more and more important for search engine rankings. Any SEO guru will tell you this. So you absolutely need it if you want to rank well for competitive keywords. There’s plenty of other services and software that do social bookmarking. But SocialAdr does it in a unique way that we believe looks natural and organic. We also have nearly 20,000 members and some of their social media accounts that SocialAdr promotes webpages to are >2 years old and have hundreds of backlinks of their own.

I also don’t recommend that any serious SEO-er *only* use SocialAdr, as I don’t *only* use it for my own marketing efforts. I think the best SEO campaign uses a variety of backlinking software/services that cover many different techniques. It’s silly to put all your eggs in one basket, especially considering that search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. What works well today may not work tomorrow.

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Question: I happen to think SocialAdr is a powerful beast. Can you get into trouble with it, and if so, what is the best way to avoid it?

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Answer: Appreciated 🙂 We’re not aware of any of our members getting “sandboxed” or penalized in any way from using SocialAdr. We do our best to make sure there’s no footprint from our social media submissions.

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Question: I’m going to wrap it up here. Do you have a final thought that you would like to share with the readers?
Work at Home Social Bookmarking Answer: The best advice I can give to someone who wants to quit the mundane 9-5 and work for themselves from home, is to use the “Pick and Stick” method. Try a bunch of different things in the IM realm, preferably in niches you’re passionate about, and once something starts showing promise, STICK WITH IT. I see way too many people that jump from idea to idea without giving anything enough time and effort to really blossom into a successful income stream. Hope that helps!
Work at Home Social Bookmarking Question: Never better advice uttered anywhere! Super thanks, friend Kane, from all the folks that Work at Home and all the folks that will eventually read your excellent words!!
Work at Home Social Bookmarking Answer: Thanks for asking such great questions, I hope my story can help motivate others who want to work online. Cheers from Boracay (Philippines)! Kane

Work at Home jobs take many forms. In my case, my Work at Home job is Internet Marketing. I’m assuming that you must be somewhat interested in Working at Home using the Internet, or you wouldn’t be here.

I suppose that a great many people fantasize about working from home selling things on the Internet, but never take the critical leap to doing something about it. The first indicator that you know you are serious is when you set down and do more than one research mission on the subject. Many fall by the wayside at the outset when they learn that there are no quick solutions.

Internet marketing efforts and techniques run the gamut from email marketing to the fast paced world of Adwords marketing. However you plan to proceed, however, there is no substitute for knowing ALL the tools of your trade.

The two most basic ways of Work at Home Internet marketing using websites is by means of natural, or ogranic listings, which you see in the middle of the search engine listings, and paid results Internet marketing which you find at the top and right side of the search engine pages.

There is no need for a social bookmarking website if you plan to pay for listings. And there is a place for paid listings, but for someone to begin their Work at Home career that way is very foolhardy indeed.

Most folks begin, and many remain with the organic website model, which takes longer to achieve results, but has the advantage of being free. This is where you utilize the social bookmarking model to best advantage.

Whereas, as already mentioned, you can manually place social bookmarks, the only way for the professional is to make wise use of the social bookmarking sites.

Beginning the process of automated social bookmarking is tedious and will cost you a couple of hours, but when you are done, you’re done. Then you can move on to more advantageous Work at Home Internet Marketing pursuits.

In the world of Work at Home Internet marketing the social bookmarking traffic won’t add much to your bottom line, but the book mark in itself will. It’s a time tested way to move your site closer to the top.

Work from home means that you have to use your intelligence at all times to maximize your time. I mentioned that organic listings are free. They are free in terms of money, but they are work intensive in terms of time, and in our business time lost is money lost.

Social bookmarking submission that will make a difference is only possible when using automation, and in my estimation, SocialAdr is the king of automated bookmark submission tools!

Work at Home Social Bookmarking means working smart and quick. I hope you have found something of worth in this EXCELLENT interview with your humble editor and owner of WorkatHomeGC.com and the king of social bookmarking, the inventor of SocialAdr.

Oh..and ps… SocialAdr is free. It won’t cost you one penny, peso, or pfennig to use. Pounce on it.

Work at Home Social Bookmarking Interview with SocialAdr

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